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Artwork produced for use in posters and assorted promotional materials for Wunderczars, a cossack rider and acrobatics show.

Ontario Northland

A sampling from a series of colouring book illustrations produced for the transportation company.

North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit - Safe Grad

A small sample from a collection of character and object illustrations used in high school graduation planning guides.

The Chase

Acrylic on board
18" x 24"

The Gloaming

Comic book illustration


Acrylic on board
18" x 24"

Illustration produced for use in a poster promoting the band's appearance at a local pub.

70s vs 80s

Illustration produced for a themed 70s vs 80s costume party.

North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit - Safe Grad

Cover Illustration


Digital Illustration

Frog and Lightning

Acrylic and pastel

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